The Foundation for Brain Disease Research and Shark Preservation

The Foundation Board


Chairman: Per Thiim Thim, Danish

CEO at 4 biotech companies

Triple Elite Master: Biobusiness, Biochemistry/biotech/medicine, IT/E-business. Brewmaster

13 years of university at: University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School and ITU

Experienced CEO and leader of 100+ people departments

Lost one family member to brain disease

Fun facts: Has been professional actor and director for over 25 years in 20 countries. Was the first Danish astronaut Candidate, and is officer of the army

Board member: Keith D. Borgaro, American

President Boston Aquariums, USA

Area of expertise in the Foundation:
Specialist in Sharks and other Elasmobranchii, and construction of tank systems


Boston University educated

Fun Fact: Is passionate about both sharks and peoples wellbeing

Board Member: Prof. Dr. William Mobley, American

Professor of Neurosciences at UCSD

Area of expertise in the Foundation:

Pharmacy and Neuroscience


Professor of Neurosciences at UCSD. Former ass. prof. at John Hopkins and prof. and chairman at Stanford University.

Fun Fact: Holds a high rank in the U.S. armed forces

Board Member: Helge B. Aaquist, Danish

Building Consultant

Area of expertise in the Foundation:

Legal Matters, Buildings & Renovation/restoration, Science Innovation Hub


Master of law. LL.M. /Cand. Jur.

University of Copenhagen & Universität Wien

Has family members with dementia

Fun Fact: Speaks German fluently



Ambassador Rachel McLish, American

The Mother of Female Bodybuilding and 80s action movie superstar

Has family member with brain disease

Fun facts: McLish was the first winner of the Ms. Olympia title

Scientific Advisors:


Professor DHC
Poul Hyttel, veterinarian

Specialist in Neuroscience & Stem Cells

Søren Skov, biochemist

Specialist in Immunology