The Foundation for Brain Disease Research and Shark Preservation


A BIG heartfelt thank you to the people who have already supported us:

SuperPlatinum level supporters:

Per T. Thim, Frederiksberg, Denmark

DEMKIP, Denmark

Platinum level supporters:

Maj-Britt Skov Larsen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Vikthor Thiim Thim, Frederiksberg, Denmark

Gold level supporters:

Søren Anker Nielsen, Tibberup, Denmark

Karen Marie Thim, Bramming, Denmark

Silver level supporters:

John Simon, Chicago, USA

Nicolai Sten Gjessing, Copenhagen, Denmark

Valentina Thombson, San Francisco, USA

Bronze level supporters:

Rachel McLish, California, USA

Claus Hoffmann Hemmingsen, New York, USA

Dorthea Haldrup, Copenhagen, Denmark

Helene Gylling, Valby, Denmark

Christof Kiefer, Copenhagen, Denmark

Karoline Dahl, Nexø, Denmark

Selina Shipley, Frederiksberg, Denmark


Jacob Møller Rasmussen, Herlev, Denmark

Kasper Nielsen, Valby, Denmark

Aymen Chetoui, Germany

Matúš Tomečko, Slovakia

Marnie Scarlet, London, UK




Special Thanks to:

Fiskeri- og Søfartsmuseet i Esbjerg (Especially Charlotte Tøstesen & Rene Mærsk)

Den Blå Planet (especially Lars Skou)

For their help with sharks


Prof. Poul Hyttel and Prof. Søren Skov at University of Copenhagen for al their help

Thanks to Kurt Buchman, KU, and Keith Borgaro on the advice on tank systems


Thanks to Windsor Fisk on Peter Bangsvej Frederiksberg, for helping out with food for our sharks


Thanks to Lasertryk for their support in discounts, especially Mia and Esben

Thanks to Morten Vedel, at Norlog for a discount

Thanks to Olitec & Jytte for their discount





Right now, our entire team are working for free to get the cure available. Some team members have worked over 100 hours a week, without days off, for close to a year!